Sunday, July 26, 2009

All you Harry Potter Fans...And I know there's at least one on this blog...

You Might Like This

It's my attempt to write a story with a plot line somewhat similar to the plot of HP and the sorcerer's stone (as I understand it; I haven't actually read it): a boy is taken from his home to be schooled in the ways of magic, learns the magic (with all the technichal details included), and then uses it to battle evil. I have tried to go as close as possible to what makes HP attractive, while at the same time, get rid of what some people find bothersome: I make the good magic implicitly sacramental and the bad magic explicitly occultic (without dangerous real-world occult details). But I haven't gotten to the technichal details yet, so you can read just for fun...for now.

Tell me what you think. Is it Chestertonian? Is it interesting? Am I totally ruining something you love?

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