Thursday, May 7, 2009

A link to an essay inspired by the ideas from a chapter in a dissertation written by a
fan of Chesterton (how’s that for degrees of separation?!)

click here

And if you want to read the real dissertation, it is


You may call her Jen, Dr. Thursday, but I WILL NOT!


Dr. Thursday said...

Ah, but then she is a doctor as I am. We only call each other "Doctor" in purely formal settings. I am glad to hear that her dissertation is available - I am anxious to read it.

I tried > to look at >
> your essay, but it >
is very
>hard to read - did the mice get at
>your typing?

Hee hee

Dr. Thursday said...

Here's a little more about your "degrees of separation"... which incidentally was a great pun.