Monday, February 16, 2009


Currently, I'm on a Father Brown audiobook binge. The Innocence of Father Brown, read by Kevin O'Brien, is really good...especially the description of the frightful Gaelic imagination in 'The Secret Garden.'

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RoseinFaith said...

Oh, yes, they're quite good! I've almost finished the entire album; it was a Christmas present that has come much in handy (such as being able to lay back and listen to it when I was bedridden with the flu). By the time you reach the end you will not only have refreshed and reinvigorated your Father Brown tastes, but will also have developed a grand appreciation for O'Brien's vocal acting ability. The stories are among the best of GKC's Father Brown tales, and O'Brien presents them with such liveliness and variety of voice and expression, that they become almost as vividly presented in one's mind as a movie.

O'Brien's talent, in fact, along with Dale Ahlquist's enlightening intros and conclusions, has given me a new appreciation for each of these individual stories. By the time I heard the final words of "The Hammer of God," I felt as though I should cry; somehow, the way it was read--slowly, clearly--made me more fully notice the gravity of the culprit character's sin, the sin of Cain. (Incidentally, that way of treating sin--with real gravity because of its spiritual consequences--is something one usually does not find in a detective story, but GKC unmistakably presents it in Father Brown's mysteries.)

I look forward to your thoughts on the rest of the series!

God bless!